First Posting- Ideas- Beginning Basics


Often times people ask me what meals I make and what kind of healthy food to eat and snacks to make. So, instead of emailing people individually and then re-writing it again for the next person I have decided to set up this blog. Now when people ask me about a specific recipe or idea I can refer them to this blog or attach a link in an email.
I am happy to be writing about this topic. I love eating healthy and learning how to eat healthier.
We became vegans February 2008.  A few months into 2010 we decided to start slowly introducing meat back into our diet but only once a week. For example, one week we will have chicken, the next red meat, etc. However, we eat fish weekly. We still do not eat any dairy foods. We eat eggs occasionally. 

My goal in shopping for food and cooking is to try to have everything "God made," or as natural as possible. Yes, at times this requires more work but I am a busy person and do not have a lot of time so I want meals quick AND healthy.  It just takes some planning.

 My first step is MAKING A LIST. During the week I make a "weekly meal plan." I bring my lunch to work and make dinner every night.  So my weekly plan includes lunch and dinner ideas. I also include morning snack and afternoon snacks. Breakfast for us is almost always cold cereal and soy milk. Sometimes oatmeal, waffles, or fruit smoothies.  *Making a meal plan is a good idea because it will help with not overspending or spur of the moment unhealthy choices.
When I shop, I bring my list and buy foods from my "weekly meal plan." I shop at a few different stores to find the best deals more info here. When shopping, I almost always buy store brand items.

With my schedule I wake up early and I don't have enough time to make our lunches. So, I prepare our lunches the night before. I always have a morning snack like fresh fruit and nuts or soy yogurt more ideas here. Then I make the main "dish." Examples are homemade vegetable pizza,  pasta, sandwiches, large garden salads or leftover dinner. Then an afternoon snack- vegetables or pretzels more ideas here.

I eat every few hours. My schedule is:

WAKE & eat breakfast (within the first 30 minutes)
9:00 -morning snack
12:00 -lunch
2:30-3:00 -afternoon snack
5:30- 6:00  -dinner.
Evening- I normally do not eat after dinner. Normally because I am not hungry. Sometimes if I feel hungry its because I am tired. If I am hungry I will grab some fruit or a small bowl of cereal.

If I do go to bed and cant sleep I will usually grab a banana. Its easy. And I don't have to think too much and wake up. Also, its not too hot or too cold. Its just right :)

Hope this helps and gives you some ideas!



  1. Mrs. Smith this is amazing I am so glad that you made this blog it is my new best friends! I have been wanting to ask you too about some of your recipes. Thank you(:

  2. You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoy it. Feel free to ask any questions and if you have specific recipe or other ideas you want me to blog about please let me know! Thanks Antonia.