Oatmeal everyday Challenge- Week 2


I know I should have taken pictures but I did not.

When I started this Challenge Wednesday, October 13, 2010 it was not so bad because my husband and I went out of town that weekend (for our 5 year Anniversary). Vacations are nice because everything is so relaxed and not rushed. So making oatmeal every morning was not a "challenge."

This week I had to work and it was a little difficult but I still managed. Actually, it was not that bad. I would boil my water, add my oats, wait 3 minutes, add my toppings and it was ready. It does take more time than grabbing a bowl, filing it with cereal, topping it with milk and having it ready. But I do enjoy making oats and finding different ways to create it. Plus, it gave me time to make our lunches.

This week I only ate my oatmeal in the car once (I know, I know... not safe. But I had no time to actually sit down and eat and I MUST eat breakfast. I dont know how people go all morning with out eating. I simply cannot. Eating is the FIRST thing I do after waking up. Well bathroom, then breakfast!)

My week started out with mixed berries and brown sugar on Monday.
Tuesday was the same. Repeat mixed berries. But I added dried (unsweetened) coconut.
Wednesday I had plain oats with a bit of brown sugar and a large spoonful of peanut butter.
Thursday I had strawberries and bananas.
Friday I had oats with blueberries and unsweetened coconut.
And this morning I had oatmeal with sliced bananas, 100% pure maple syrup, and some dried (unsweetened) coconut.

I noticed that the first two days my oatmeal did not hold me very long. Normally I will have a large bowl of cereal and it will keep me full for about 3.5 - 4 hours. But I noticed that my oatmeal would only keep me full for 2.5-3 hours. I was really confused because I thought oatmeal was supposed to keep you full for longer and have a "slow release" into the body. Weird but it did not work for me.
However, on Wednesday I had a different experience. I had a slightly different, unexpected, change in my work schedule and I forgot to pack my morning snack. I was a little worried because I thought I was going to be starving. But surprisingly I was good ALL morning. Of course about a half hour before lunch I was really, really hungry.
Normally, I eat smaller meals (often throughout the day) but Wednesday I did eat a significant amount more. But, that makes sense because I did not have my morning snack.

Well, hopefully this week I will snap some photos. It does make it much more interesting to read ;)

Hope you have a delicious week!



  1. I am reading about super foods and Oats are sooo one of them. We have been trying to eat them almost everyday to. I mix it up by having an oatmeal pancake to. Have you read KERF's blog? I saw it from Megan and have fallen in love with her!!She has inspired me to totally change the way we eat (which was pretty crummy!)

  2. What have you learned about super foods?

    Today I just bought some of Bob's Red Mill Buckwheat. I think I am going to try that one day this week. Maybe even mix buckwheat and oatmeal together and see.
    I have never had an oatmeal pancake. Sounds interesting though. I will have to try that.

    I Love Kath's blog. I read her blog often. And she has links to some of her friends too. I also love following "The front burner Blog" too.